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Do tattoos hurt?
Yes. It all hurts. Some places more than others, some artists more than others, and everyone will handle pain differently.
Where does it hurt the most?
Ribs, stomach, lower back (more so on men), back of leg, center of chest, and near any joint.
Where does it hurt the least?
Top of arm, outside forearm, outside calf, inside ankle, top and outside thigh, and outside or rear hip.
What are the chances my tattoo will get infected?
Slim. Tattoos rarely get infected. Infection is usually dependent upon the client. Average hygiene will prevent infection of a tattoo.
Can I drink alcohol before I get tattooed?
No, not even one or two drinks. Alcohol is a blood thinner, it makes you bleed more than you would normally, therefore, forcing more ink particles out of your skin making your tattoo look “weak” or faded. We also have no way of knowing that you’d pick the same tattoo sober as you would buzzed. It doesn’t kill the pain, it makes you more fidgety, it stinks and it’s against health code. We could be fined $250 if we get caught tattooing someone with alcohol in him or her.
What should I do before I get tattooed?
Don’t get tattooed on an empty stomach, wear loose comfortable clothes that you do not care about the possibility of getting stained, and plan on coming when you do not have any time constraints.
Do people pass out or faint from tattooing?
Yes, more frequently in summer, with an empty stomach, and more so with men. Women have a higher tolerance for pain, but anyone can pass out. If you know you’re prone to fainting, tell your artist prior to tattooing.
Can I get AIDS (HIV)?
No. HIV is a delicate virus that can only survive outside of the human organism for about 30 seconds. Since it is pretty much impossible to tattoo two people thirty seconds apart, it is pretty much impossible to contract HIV through tattooing.
Do you use an autoclave?
Yes, Colorado State Law requires it. Colorado State Law also requires that a spore test be performed monthly on each autoclave to ensure that it is working properly. Spore test results are on file in house and can always be viewed by any prospective client upon request.
Do you re-use needles?
No. Piercing needles cannot be re-used according to Health Department regulations. Each piercing needle is individually packaged, sterilized, and disposed of after every piercing. Tattoo needles are disposed of after every tattoo, not because of Health Code, but because re-using needles promotes dull, fuzzy looking work as tattoo needle quality deteriorates during tattooing due to friction.
Are you licensed?
No. Geographically, we are not required to be licensed. We are, however, Health Department inspected, which is like being licensed, there is just not an actual fee system in place yet. According to our Health Inspector, a license system for our area is on the way, this year or next. All Colorado body artists are governed by the same state regulations. Regulation licensing varies slightly from county to county.


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About Us


Alternative Arts Tattoo and Piercing opened in the fall of 2003. Alternative Arts is the culmination of over 25 years of knowledge of tattooing, the tattoo industry and customer service as learned by artist/owner, Greg Fritts, aka Fritz.

Alternative Arts business philosophy is simple: be clean, provide high-quality artwork, be nice to people, and offer fair prices. This is not your stereotypical “tattoo parlor,” it has been designed to break down stereotypes. Tattooing has become more mainstream, from the corporate boardroom to school classrooms. Tattoos are a reflection of an individual’s interests, hobbies and expression of themselves in a true living art form. We welcome everyone to visit our studio to see what we have to offer.

Alternative Arts is a full-service tattoo studio offering your choice of art source – bring your own or describe what you want and have us design it for you. Alternative Arts also offers body piercing.

Alternative Arts offers gift certificates – the perfect gift for the person who has everything and will last a lifetime.

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Conveniently located across from SW Plaza Mall near O'Reilly's Auto Parts
ADDRESS: 8966 W Bowles Ave; Suite Z, Littleton, CO 80123
PHONE: 303.972.7797
HOURS: Monday-Saturday 12-8 PM