An alternative tattoo experience


Alternative Arts Tattoo emerged from the inspiration that tattooing is more than just a business, more than just an ability to reproduce flash art or follow passing trends—tattooing is an experience that often commemorates a milestone, a memory or a special achievement.

Fritz began his tattooing career in North Carolina, where he was given his first break 22 years ago at a shop called Alternative Arts Tattoo, which back then was an innovative alternative to the typical flash art shop. Fritz’s Alternative Arts Tattoo in Littleton pays homage to the original artistic concept realized in a calming, competent and caring environment.

The new Alternative Arts Tattoo is also a place to showcase new talent. While Fritz has gathered an extensive customer base over his years of tattooing, he deliberately put together a team of emerging young artists.


“Alternative Arts is a place for young artists to make a name for themselves. My team is young and talented, and I want the first impression when anyone walks through the door to be ‘Wow!’ We believe that anyone who walks in the door is a potential life-long client.”

Contrary to some of the shadier tattoo establishments, Alternative Arts Tattoo is spacious, clean and located in a safe and appealing neighborhood. “We want our customers to feel comfortable and know that this is a quality shop that cares about your experience and your tattoo.”

Fritz, and his crew of artists are strong proponents of ethical tattooing, and are stringent about checking IDs, exceed health department regulations, and taking care and consideration in the ways their work affects people’s lives.

“I don’t do derogatory tattoos, and I don’t tattoo people who have been drinking. Basically, I try to accommodate what people want but also keep people employable.”

Tattooing can be a sacred experience, and that’s the direction of Fritz’s work—original designs created in a clean, comfortable and ethical environment. “We hear a lot of stories of hope and happiness when we tattoo, and people also need to release the dark in their lives,” he said, noting tattooing can be an artistic experience commemorating profound human experiences.

“If you already love your artist, I respect that, but if you’ve never had a tattoo or are looking for someone new, I’d like to be given the chance to impress you.”

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