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Website Under Construction

Some wankers decided to use our site to sell their Canadian Viagra. Until we can redo our site officially, you can view our artists’s work on our Facebook and Instagram account or on their individual social media Accounts. Custom Tattoo Artists: Fritz Instagram Chad Gordon – Instagram Jesse D. Neumannn Facebook Instagram Aaron Flores Facebook […]

Tattoos & Toys & Ten Kick-Ass Years

Our 10th Anniversary is November 21st! To celebrate Ten Kick-Ass Years we are giving back to you, our fantastic clients, and our community by hosting our 2nd Annual Tattoos & Toys Fundraiser. Let’s show our community in need a little love and new ink! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~T~A~T~T~O~O~S~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alternative Arts will be offering $50 and $100 pre-designed tattoos […]

An alternative tattoo experience

  Alternative Arts Tattoo emerged from the inspiration that tattooing is more than just a business, more than just an ability to reproduce flash art or follow passing trends—tattooing is an experience that often commemorates a milestone, a memory or a special achievement. Fritz began his tattooing career in North Carolina, where he was given […]