Aaron has been interested in art since he could hold a pencil. Doodling was his favorite past time as a kid and evolved over the years into something more. In the second grade Aaron won first place in a school wide (first through sixth grade) art contest at Norris Elementary school (Bakersfield, CA) for his rendition of a fire breathing dragon drawn with chalk. This piece was on display at the Bakersfield Museum of ART for a period of time.

He has always been interested in some form of art or another. When he was about 8 years old he discovered his love for music and took up guitar lessons when he was 9. Aaron spent the next several years exploring various different types of music and sub cultures.

While attending the Colorado Institute of Art, Aaron stumbled into the opportunity to learn Glassblowing. Though this form of art was not learned at the Art Institute, by the time he had graduated he was already working full time as a glassblower. Aaron credits Jerry Kelley as his glass Mentor, who was a student of Dan K, who was a student of Bob Snodgrass (who is the father of contemporary “lamp working”). Bob’s influence can be seen in much of Aaron’s glass work.

After working full time as a glass blower for 11 years, Aaron came up on another opportunity. This time around it was something he had been interested in since he was a young kid… Tattooing. By this time he already had many tattoos himself as well as many friends who were tattooers. As a kid, everyone he had ever looked up to had tattoos. Growing up in the punk rock scene of southern California, it was already very much a part of his lifestyle.

Summer of 2006 Aaron had been in contact with Bill Van Boening (AKA Billy Von) who had already been tattooing for 15+ years. As it turns out, Bill was looking for an apprentice and the timing was just right for Aaron to jump on it. And so it was… June of 2006 Aaron started a formal apprenticeship under Billy Von. Within a year He had proven himself worthy of working his own booth in the shop (Mad Dog Tattoo in Bakersfield, CA).

Aaron is currently enjoying tattooing at Alternative Arts Tattoo in Littleton, Colorado. Over the years he has become a well-rounded tattoo artist able to comfortably tattoo any style that is requested of him, but his specialties include Black and grey, portraits, and neo-traditional tattoo styles. Aaron loves working at Alternative Arts Tattoo and loves living the Colorado lifestyle and plans on staying put for quite a while.

When asked what he loves most about tattooing, he says “I love putting permanent art work on all the new and interesting people I get to meet. I consider it an honor and a privilege and is something I take very seriously… Always trying my hardest”.

This year is expected to be his best year yet!!!


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